We have opened a new production site in Irshava, Zakarpattia region!

Apex Plant

Constantly improving and working on development, we are happy to announce the expansion of our production capacities of 0.25-20 liters plastic canisters and bottles, which can be used for various types of products.

We have opened a new production site named Apex Plant Research and Production Enterprise.

Our company has made significant efforts and investments in high-tech equipment to ensure high-quality and efficient production, which still meets the highest quality standards, confirmed by ISO 9000:2015 and UN certificates.

The use of the most modern technologies and high-quality materials allows us to continue creating high-quality products and implementing new ideas.

The launch of the Apex Plant Research and Production Enterprise production site gives us an opportunity to increase significantly the production of plastic canisters and bottles, that allows us to provide our customers with high-quality products in the shortest time possible.

In addition, we continue to expand the geography of delivery and to provide convenient logistics together with reliable transport companies.

Today we’ve made a strong contribution to develop the production, so that tomorrow you can feel all the advantages of the new opportunities!

For more detailed information and ordering of the samples please contact us