Improvement of seeds and crops

Доработка зерновых

Kharkiv Himprom Ltd. provides services for the improvement of oil-bearing and cereal crops to the standard rates using PETKUS production equipment (Germany), which complies with all worldwide standards in this area, with the mechanization and automation of all production processes.

All stages of technological improvement are controlled by the company's specialists at own production laboratory.

The production consists of the following main stages:

- Grain receiving;

- Cleaning;

- Drying;

- Sorting, calibration;

Доработка зерновых

- Pretreatment;

- Packaging;

- Storage.

The services related to the improvement are carried out by means of:

- Sieving aspiration machines;

- Indented cylinder;

- Gravity table;

- Color sorting machine.


Using our high technology equipment, we:

  • calibrate seed grains to the uniformity of 95% or higher
  • polishing seed grains to the rates of purity of 99,9%.
  • put on seeds three-layer coating on the batch protectant CT-100 manufactured by PETKUS

Possessing such productive capacity, we carry out a full range of the trading and purchasing activities and export of grain, oilseeds and technical crops.

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