Our packaging products are manufactured using the equipment of Uniloy Milacron and Krauss-Maffei companies, and the raw materials of leading European companies (BASF, Mitsui, EMS, TVK, etc). All our production facilities are ISO 9001 certified and all products are subjected to quality control and are UN approved.

Substantial investment in the modern machinery, results in a factory equipped with a range of specialist blow moulding machines, each with strengths for specific applications. 24 hours a day production ensures Kharkiv Himprom Ltd. achieves maximum output at economic prices, for the benefit of our customers.

We manufacture and stock a wide range of products, with bottle capacities from 1000 ml to 20 litres, available in natural and white. At the same time coloured bottles can be made to order, subject to minimum order quantities. In addition the Company offers the facilities for custom moulding projects, and is able to manage such projects efficiently from conception through to production meeting technical specifications.

Method of extrusion blow molding

For the production of hollow and bulk products from thermoplastic materials - cans, barrels, bottles, bottles, toys, etc. - the most widely used method for blow molding. Production of goods by this method is carried out in two stages: first, get round billet at a temperature slightly below the melting temperature, which is then inflated with compressed air. Unlike most methods of producing plastic products, where the molding is carried out from the melt, based on this technology is the use of not only plastic, but mostly rubbery deformation, which is only inherent in the polymer and is the result of the transition rolled into a ball or collected into bundles of macromolecules in an elongated shape under the influence of mechanical forces.

Melted and homogenized in the extruder the material is extruded from the head down in the form of a tubular piece, which falls into the open at this point form. Once the length of the workpiece reaches the required size, semiform, close up, holding the top and bottom edge of your workpiece edges. This is accompanied by welding the lower end of the harvesting and processing the hole at its upper end. After closing the form it through the mandrel or the nipple is supplied compressed air, under which the softened material sleeve takes the configuration of the inner mold cavity. As a result of contact with the cold walls form the polymer hardens, then the form opens, the finished product is removed and sent for final processing (removal of tides, deburring, etc.). Manufacture of hollow articles by the special units equipped with (apart from the extruder), the mechanism of displacement, connectors and closing form with a hydraulic or pneumatic actuator. Since the forming process is divided into two unequal length on the steps of: a short stage of extrusion billets and long - molding and cooling of the product, to improve the performance of most of the units performed a multistation, with several forms, either - especially in the production of small volume products - supplied with two and a channel head shape, sometimes with several mouthpieces on each channel. In the first case, the processes of obtaining procurement and product design are divided and occur in one form, but in different positions of the unit, in the second material from the extruder enters periodically into one or a group connected in parallel mouthpiece through which the billet get in shape. During the molding and cooling of finished products in this form in the remaining blanks are fed, begins the process of molding, etc. For this, a special crane, coupled with a drive of half-forms, direct the flow of the melt sequentially in each of the channels leading to the head shape. For normal operation of the unit rate of extrusion billets should be the same as the closure of all forms takes place simultaneously.

Thus, the process of obtaining products by extrusion blow molding consists of the following:

  • homogenization of the melt extrusion of tubular blank;
  • blowing preform in the shape and molding products;
  • cooling the product and its removal from the mold;
  • final processing of the finished products.

With proper selection of design extrusion unit, it provides the necessary quality of a polymer melt (temperature, homogeneity). Using kopilnika should only contribute to a higher speed molding blanks a large mass.

As in other popular methods of manufacturing products from plastics extrusion blow molding, there are also production technology in a single cycle of products, consisting of not one but several polymeric materials. Such technologies are referred to as coextruded and are designed to ensure that they receive multilayer blown container.