Acidifying agent - 20 %

Surfactant - 20 %

Signal substance - 1,5 %


pH-corrector is used for preparing of compound mixtures based on water with an increased pH and dH, containing fertilizers, pesticides and other agrochemicals that are sensitive to alkaline hydrolysis or lower their effectiveness in case of rigidity salts presence.

The preparation is used while preparing of the compound mixtures applied for foliar treatment and drip irrigation systems.

The preparation lowers the water and the compound mixtures pH level, it has the ability to soften the water and decrease the surface tension that allows better covering of the plants surface. Application of the preparation helps to increase the fertilization rate and to avoid the degradation (hydrolysis) of pesticides, while maintaining their high efficiency and reliability regardless of the initial pH of water or a compound mixture. A specially added signaling substance helps to determine the readiness to add components to the tank visually, according to the color of the solution, without the use of additional equipment.

Guaranteed period of storage:

The products are guaranteed for a period of 3 years if they are stored in undamaged package under recommended conditions (0 ºC…+30 ºC)

Compatibility with other chemicals:

The product is compatible with fertilizers, pesticides and urea.

Preparation and rate of chemical consumption, working solution:

You need to prepare spray equipment beforehand: to check general upkeep of the sprayer systems , carry out rinsing of tank, pipelines and nozzles to spray the working mixtures. Before work, adjust the sprayer to the specified operating mode.


The chemicals should be stored in the original packaging in a dry, cool warehouse. The package should be prevented from the sun rays hitting, rain, snow during extended period of storage. Storage in damaged containers is prohibited. Follow the generally accepted rules and regulations when working with the chemicals.

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