Composition, g/l: Phytohormones: Technical indicators: Density, g/l:
В – 10,00,365 рН 7,8-8,91,01-1,03
Мо – 2,65
N – 4,16

Growth regulator fertilizer in the water-soluble concentrate form, contains molybdenum and boron-ethanolamine-4-CPAA complex. Suitable for solanaceous crops, flowering period. The original combination of these elements has a positive effect on the absorption of nutrients and their distribution.

The use of the fertilizer improves the tying of fruits of tomato, pepper and eggplant; increases the early harvest and taste features of fruits.


Fertilizer is used as a working solution.

Vegetating plants treatment

The treatment is carried out with a dose of 1.5-2.0 l / ha (400-600 l of working solution per 1 ha) in the following phases of development of cereals:

1. Tomatoes: first treatment – flowering of the first tomatoes truss, second treatment – flowering of the second tomatoes truss;

2. Pepper and eggplant: first treatment – the beginning of mass flowering (more than 50%), second treatment – in 10-14 days after first treatment.

- fertilization is carried out in the mornings, and it's not allowed to carry it out in sunny hours. In cloudy weather treatment can be carried out at any time, but not later than 5 hours before sunset. Not allowed to make the treatment in rainy weather and while strong wind.

- It is recommended the plants to be treated at an air temperature of at least + 18 ° C and not higher than 25 ° C. In this temperature range, the maximum efficiency of applied fertilizers is observed, what is reached due to the optimal absorption rate of nutrient components by the leaf surface.

- To prepare working solutions water with a temperature of 15-22 ° C is used. Water with a temperature below 8 ° C adversely affects the supply of nutrient components to the plant and can cause a stressful condition due to sharp temperature drop.

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