Development and production of the exclusive plastic containers by Kharkiv Himprom Ltd.

The company offers development and production of the exclusive plastic storage containers.

Development of the design, drawing and 3D model of the container, support of mold order and issue of finished plastic container.

Our designers will design a new shape of polyethylene canister, flask and cover that will completely meet your requirements. All necessary scientific and technical characteristics of the density, volume, wall thickness, weight and other properties of designed plastic container will be provided.

Entire polyethylene container is certified in accordance with Ukrainian and European law and has the following:

  • Certificate of conformity to the international standard 9001:2015;
  • International certificate of conformity to EC requirements for transportation of hazardous cargos;
  • Sanitary and hygienic certificate for packing of food and chemical products.

High-quality polyethylene HDPE and multi-layer co-extrusion method (COEX) is used in manufacture of the plastic container.

Plastic storage container is designed for storage and transportation of food, medical products, industrial and chemically aggressive substances. Due to this fact we can manufacture exclusive plastic container for different types of production of liquid and bulk substances.

Technologist, designer and sales manager, who supports the project at all production and development stages, takes part in development of the project5`5.

We have put together a team specialist that will improve awareness of your product at the market due to a new, modern and exclusive polyethylene container.

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